Higher Education 1

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Kata-Kata

Akhirnya selesai juga kuliah S1 saya..and now time to think about future. Just like another freshgraduate,there are 2 choices for us, become worker or continued study to higher level.
I myself though to be a worker at first but finally I realized that the higher our education the more easy for us to get a job and of course it will be a high rank job.
At first time, I decided to continue my study at java dealing with the java special feature and education environment there, unfortunately I stuck on financial case. My father couldn’t afford for my tuition fee anymore, moreover he asked me to earn money to defroy my siblings. It was just such a small stone in a wide road for me. I even didn’t care about it. I changed my ship destination to a local university. I tried to get information about the scholarship for postgraduate study. I got

Info about dikti scholarship special program for lecturer candidate..and this the best way for me. Just    followed the registration process and wait for the resul. The waiting time was a very tiring activity..almost every day I checked the website for the new info..but nothing shown.
Time has gone and it the registration process at my university, and it was the hard time for me..needed money and had to ask my father. Hm..what i supposed to do to tell my father though he didn’t have enough money at the moment. Will he give me the money or I will wait till next year??
#to be continued.


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