Finding Forester and The Days in WS

Posted: November 28, 2015 in experience, motivasi, Story
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Finding Forester is an old movie that presented the life of very well-known writer who disappeared after publishing his first book. I find my way through this very inspirational movie how to enjoy writing and start to own special character or style in our writing. Somehow, we need to write everything to make sure that it is written already. To put forward some ideas that come out in the first beginning of the journey of writing, it is going to be so hard. We need to believe that actually we can make the challenging ideas to become exist only by writing it right away. Since the time will not wait for no one, start the writing when it is still on fire will increase the effectiveness and accuracy of the bright idea. This writing is devoted to the very simple of me. My competence to underlie the structure and the main story is very responsible for the style of this writing and also the hyper creativity that comes out in the right time leads the rest of this writing. I do understand for some reasons that I will make many things in the wrong places and/or bring the negative effects by the end of this writing. As the basic thing I have learned so far, the writing and the time will always in the same place to complete each other. By the time passed, we will see the writing becomes the story that allow many ideas come up, whether to criticise, to give a praise or even to ignore it. To be sure, no one will read the ideas of this writing, if I do not write it.

For the rest time that I spent tonight, I would like to present myself as what I think and I believe in 30 days of my working day in Wall Street. This is not a kind of story of a good person thus I do not recommend this writing to be read by anyone who do not know very well about WS. The WS office is located in the 8th floor of one of the highest building in this city. A very nice view from the instructors’ room is a good view to be presented in this sheet, but I am willing to start by having my impression over the people. The big office include nicer persons in the rooms such a kind of very good combination. Does it a yes or no? I cannot say blatantly, but the real one is I enjoyed being there, surrounding by a multi cultural background, high passion in working and professionally involving emotional binding in working space. Let me try to identify one of them, Mr Foster for instance. He is a very straight man, speaking loudly with his very rounded eye ball try to assure every words that he said. Making a joke, little bit nasty somehow, a kind of the breaker for the ice berg maybe, he keeps the tasks assigned to him done properly in time, everyday, by ending a smile when the office hour is done. Though, he is not the number one person in the office. It should be Madam Rose, the first to ask me some questions before starting to enjoy sitting with some clients. She is the manager, owner and maybe next to the keeper of us. By her, the chance to know more about one to one/face to face/private teaching becomes a new challenge for me. I remembered that she told me to keep my own idealism when already in the box, next to others.

The rest to be noted maybe the woman with the same Queen, there are three Queen actually in the office, but the one Queen who works in technical fields gives a great attention on my mind. She makes me believe that everything can be happen for no reason at all. She is not majoring English for the sake of God, but she can impressively teach the language very well. Some chit chats with her brought ideas of taking every chance that given as an opportunity to unexpected experiences will bring a positive ways to view the world from different angle. She maybe did already left the office by this writing published, but hopefully she could engage with a future project that I am preparing for research on empowering technology in teaching language. Despite of her story about more than ten cats of hers, she is a really good cook with some interesting stories to shared in the office. I do appreciate for other stories that will be shared sometime.

The other guy to be shared of himself in this sheet is Mr David. The one who has the big impact on some colonies under his rule, based on his own mind. The joke that he proposed intelligent and creative twist of history and real facts. You will never aware of the jokes after you realise the references do not really exist. I learned a few things under his acts in this first 30 days, that he has belief on every skill or competence that we have more than what we have. He gives a flexibility for everyone and everything to be run properly, as long as nothing can be give a bad effect for the office. A love on language, especially the references on traditional language drives him into some irregular practices of Tae Language with me during the working hours sometime. He is willing to promote some issues to the government by having a combo recorded ideas in different languages, include foreign and traditional ones, except Bahasa Indonesia. This should be a great experience to be had for sure, as it can contribute some ideas for the betterment of the city. Moreover, the writing of Mr David is more than excellent. I read his article in the newspaper in the few days of my first week. I see the kind of writing that had a strong emotion to bind the words by factual information. I should learn from him to write my second article, since the first one has not been accepted yet by newspaper. Maybe, this is not about having a passion on writing that make me feel that this office, is different from the rest of other working places, but the people in this place made me feel in the new class of new lecture that need to be taken until the next final semester. I do have some doubts to be devoted in the future of mine, but I believe in some reasons that already decide by HIM, I could put everything as a new step to reach the other steps. The success in having this experience to be beneficial for myself is one thing that can make me more optimistic to do what I think as the right thing to be done for time being. Such an advice for my life and myself, I cannot do everything that can please everyone, at least I can make myself pleased by doing the things that can make me learn about life.

In the last of this writing, I want to assure that this writing is not intend to make some descriptions or assumptions over every thing in WS office, yet this to make a simple reflection of what I have experienced since few days ago. The number of words and people do not explicitly described the real things in WS office, somehow, I try to put forwards the main ideas that we should believe as the best part of my journey in the office so far. Though, this is not the ends, but unofficially the beginning of the other stories that should come over and over for the rest of my time.

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